When Marnie Was There: Recalling 思い出のマーニー part 2 by shinya1996

DVD rentals have begun.

It seems the number of people visiting this blog has increased a little.

I borrowed the DVD and watched Marnie after a long time, but there were new discoveries that I didn't notice first time watching in the theater.

It's been quite a number of days since last time, but I'll write more!

Dream family living in the heart

Nothing was any good – Anna least of all.

When the miserable feelings trickled down the cheeks of Anna as hot tears, she began to imagine a party in the Marsh House.

This party she imagined that was so vivid it felt as if it were reality.

Anna runs to the marsh that night to see this imagined dance party, but there was only silence and darkness...

The depictions around here are somewhat reminiscient of The Little Match Girl.

Kneeling quite still by the open window, Anna sank into a dream, seeing it all as if she herself were there – not inside, but watching from the footpath outside. Through the narrow side window she could see the bright dresses passing and repassing.

I think one of these windows are surely the the narrow side window written here.

The Marsh House is an important element of this novel. After learning of the existence of this mansion, Anna began spending most of her days thinking about it.

After learning there is a family moving into the Marsh House, she really began to think about it.

But this family would be different. For one thing they would be living in ‘her’ house. That in itself set them apart. They would be like her family,

There is an invisible magic circle that keeps people away from Anna.

But only this dream family must that be different.

However, while fantasising so, Anna still maintains that they should not be real.

It is a delusion based on the awareness that she is following her fancy.

If she really got to know them, and they her, all that would be spoiled. They would be like all the others then – only half friendly.
And as the days went by she followed her fancy in her imagination as well, until the unknown family became almost like a dream family in her own mind – so determined was she that they should not be real.

However, while full of such delusions, a real resident of the mansion appears before Anna...


A resident of Marsh House dreamily appeared in front of Anna.

That would be Marnie.

However, dreams are just dreams.

Anna initially turned her back on Marnie, despite Marnie wanting to be friends Anna.

Anna turned away abrubtly. You needn't bother,

This kid just wanted to be friendly.

No one wants to be friends with Anna, even if it's some house dweller.

Anna knows that.

So given it's impossible, there was no need for her to even imagine becoming friends.

But Marnie asks Anna to come back.

“No, don’t go! Don’t be such a goose. I want to know you! Don’t you want to know me?

What was that!

Anna, who has never been loved by anyone, has imagined someone telling her I reall want to know you!

There really was a dream family living in her heart.