When Marnie Was There: Recalling 思い出のマーニー part 3 by shinya1996

The invisible magic circlein the movie

I've focused a lot on the original story, so I'd like to talk about the movie adaptation now.

Anna in the original was described as a girl who really wanted to get along with others, but couldn't because no one was interested in her.

Anna, who doesn't know the reason for this, describes it to being outside the invisible magic circle, and she tries to conceal her dissapointment with an ordinary face.

But how was Anna in the movie portrayed?

An extremely autistic girl who hates others?


In the movie, Anna seems to be portrayed as a girl who really wants to get along with others, just as in the original story.

At the beginning of the movie, she opens with an extraordinarly chūnibyō catchy statement.

In this world, there's an invisible magic circle. There's an inside... and an outside. Those people are inside the circle. And I'm outside.

Anna is puzzled at first.

But look at her next expression...

It's a smile. Moreover, her cheeks brighten and her chest throbs.

Although she is confused about connecting with other people, Anna looks like she really wants to.

She really wants someone to show her painting.


The teacher is distracted by a child crying and leaves without seeing Anna's drawings.

He really didn't want to see Anna's drawings.

Anna has an asthma attack due to this shock.

The invisible magic circle that keeps people away from Anna.

Even if Anna wants to be friends with others, they soon lose interest in her.

Exactly the same as Anna is in the original movie.

From the beginning, Anna knew this would happen.

That's why she refuses to interact with people.

He [Dr. Brown] had stopped walking about then and stood looking down at her consideringly as she lay there, wheezing, with her ‘ordinary’ face on.

Anna had no choice but to hide her feelings by making an ordinary face.

Nobuko, the fat pig

So, what kind of impression did she have of Nobuko, the fat pig?

Does Nobuko gently reach out to Anna, and Anna rejects it?


Again, Anna seems to have been portrayed as a girl who really wants to get along with Nobuko.

Anna hesistates when going to the Tanabata Festival with Nobuko at first.

She appears to be depressed with walking with Nobuko.

Afterall, she can't get along with others.

Anna knows that.

Nobuko talks to Anna.

Anna! So, like, where were you from originally?
Oh, that's awesome. I bet Saporro has great shopping.

Conversation established!

Immediately after this, Anna's expression changes.

A smile!

Yes, Anna is smiling while walking behind Nobuko.

I might be able to be friends with this person

I'm sure she though.


So, what brings you out all the way this way?
Uh, well...
Whoa, Nobuko, check it out

Nobuko forgets her question to Anna and goes to a girl.

Nobuko doesn't really care about Anna.

After, it's just superficial kindess.

Anna is betrayed by her expectations.

She knew from the beginning that this would happen.

Anna had no choice by to hide that dissappoinment with an ordinary face.

The same thing happens again and again.

Once again, Nobuko loses interest in Anna's answer.


What's shown here isn't Nobuko wanting to be friends with Anna, and Anna refusing it.

What's really in this scene?

It's that Anna who really wants to be friends with Nobuko, and Nobuko is not really interested in Anna.

Nobuko doesn't care about her, she just keeps trampling her hear by prenting to be a friend...

You fat pig!

To Anna, Nobuko was just another girl on the other side of the invisible magic circle.