When Marnie Was There: Recalling 思い出のマーニー part 4 by shinya1996

The setting

For those who have too much free time love Marnie, here's a map of the movie.

Full pic

Light blue line: route from the station to the Oiwas'.

Yellow line: Anna's escape from the fat pig incident.

  1. Ever since they builty this highway, people stopped passing through
  2. Bridge
  3. That was just a little pot hole
  4. Lighthouse (although it is hidden by fog in this map)
  5. Shrine
  6. Oiwas' house
  7. Shortcut
  8. Nobuko's house
  9. Shrine entrance
  10. Post Office and shop
  11. Pier
  12. Where Hisako sketches
  13. Where Anna sketches
  14. Marnie's boat
  15. Silo
  16. Fisherman's hut
  17. Marsh House

I noticed where Nobuko is at places is a little strange.

As you can see on the map, Nobuko's house is on the right of the shrine. But the direction Nobuko walked home after cram school was odd. When she goes home, the best for her to do would be go head the same direction as her friend.

Also, where did Nobuko and her mother head off to when Anna said goodbye?

Maybe she's taking a walk to get some much needed excercise.

Also, after the party, the car that found Anna sleeping in the streets (outside the Post Office) was probably coming back from the Oiwas', because it's the only place where a car can come in that direction.

And at the end of the movie, the distance from Anna in the car to the Marsh House is probably over 200m. It's no wonder Marnie could see Anna from the window.