When Marnie Was There: Recalling 思い出のマーニー part 5 by shinya1996

How Anna's first encounter with Marnie was depicted

I will continue discussing the movie for a while.

In the book, Anna doesn't immediately open her heart to Marnie when they first meet.

On the contrary, Anna is a bit peeved with Marnie and turns her back in an attempt to head home.

Anna only really opens up to Marnie about five pages after they first meet.

In the book, Anna is very cautious about Marnie.

Marnie also swears at Anna.

Anyway, Anna finally opened her heart to Marnie when she felt that Marnie really wanted to be friends with her.

So how was this adapted in the movie?

Is she real?
Who is she?
She's a suspicious kid.
Very sticky, isn't it?
Hey weird kid.

Anna, who has been confused for a while now, smiles for the very first time.

I thought I could do better too! [reference to her attempt at rowing]
Yes, of course. I left it there on purpose for you, but I didn't know you couldn't row! They chuckled together in the darkness, and Anna felt suddenly tremendously happy.

In the movie, Anna doesn't get angry or turn her back on Marnie, but the time it takes for her to open her heart to Marnie seems inline with the book.

The hat Anna wears when she leaves

For some reason, I couldn't help but notice how the hat Anna wears in the movie when she leaves, is the same as in the book illustration.