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I've never had that feeling for someone [being overly attached] because I don't have many people in my life, but that's something I'm pretty scared of if I ever meet someone I start really caring about. But now if it ever happens I think it's going to remind me of this movie, and it'll probably help me. So that's a good thing. Well I don't think it will ever happen tho, so I'm probably worrying for nothing anyway.
[I was particularly taken aback by how she wasn't smiling at all] This. It was almost scary to see such a "dead" face. Really shows how much she hated being alive, and how much Marnie and everything changed her if you compare to her facial expressions at the end of the movie.
I'm having a good time talking about this masterpiece tbh, it feels good. Do you have any other movies like this one that I should watch ? Ghibli or not. I watched Princess Kaguya yesterday and it was really sad and confusing, but I had a good time.

[I've never had that feeling for someone... this] is best condensed down to the one scene at the beginning of the movie, where Anna is just about to show artwork to a teacher. She's nearly makes the leap of opening up a vulnerable side to her self, but it's immediately met with no interest, which causes a panic attack. Not many words are exchanged, yet that's such a complicated and emotional scene. It's representative of just making that leap in general, of opening up oneself (connecting with to someone) but they're not responding in a way that made the effort worth it.

I feel weird typing this out because, ironically, this is me opening a vulnerable side to myself, heh.

[Well I don't think it will ever happen tho] You have quite a lot of life ahead, might happen without you realising, so I hope you do remember.

[any other movies] Not sure to be honest. I've seen all the Ghibli movies, they're all good but aren't quite like this. Not much of a film buff either in general.

I can say, for the record, that Ponyo is my no 1 Ghibli and this comes at a close no 2. It has the unmovable distinction of being the first Ghibli I saw and deeply fell in love with. Made me overwhelmingly happy at a very unhappy time (for reasons related to things I've mentioned earlier). Though, deep diving into the lore of that is a bit more esoteric and doesn't quite work the same way.

Kaguya is great. I watched it a second time round and scenes I didn't understand became far more heartbreaking. It's a movie about life set against the contrast of death; I very much consider its ending to be a death/suicide scene.

Yeah I think the first scene perfecltly introduced Anna and her mental state. This scene hitted me very hard.
I haven't watched Ponyo since a long time but that's probably one of the few Ghibli films of my childhood I can remember the most, with Arietty (just remembered that I fell in love with Arietty when I was little lol). I should watch Ponyo again though because I remember feeling uncomfortable during some scenes and I want to remember which ones and why.
[I very much consider its ending to be a death/suicide scene] I didn't though of that when I saw the movie, but now that you say it, damn. I thought the movie just took in a world where the legends are true, and I just accepted the fact that Kaguya was from space, without questioning it. But yeah now I see this movie as a metaphor of a girl falling into a big depression because of a life she's hating. So she decides to commit suicide, but she realizes in her last moments that she made a mistake, and starts to regret, but it's too late. I'm probably just over-interpreting but damn that's depressing.
I'm planning to watch Grave of the Fireflies next, is that a good choice ?

I think that's a spot on interpretation, nothing far fetched about it. If there's any doubt, the last words she says at the end of the movie, before the robe is adorned, is a speech about how life maybe full of impurity but is full of joy... (can't remember the exact words. The point is that life is worth living.

It's no wonder that the movie was intended to be co-released as the final two films from titans, Miyazaki (with The Wind Rises) and Takahata, with both movies conveying the same point with both directors at the same stage in life.

Go ahead and watch Grave of the Fireflies. It took me a long time to get around watching it, in fact it was the last fully-Ghibli film I watched, cause I was seeking to find the right occasion. You can make your own judgement.

If you do watch it, I strongly-strongly recommend that you watch the interview with Isao Takahata immediately afterwards. It clears up possible misapprehensions people sometimes have about the movie.

It's kinda cool to see that the last big message of the last movies of the two gods is Life is worth living. That's a good way to conclude all of their work.
Thanks for linking this interview, I'll watch it afterwards.
Well then I don't have anything left to say. First time I go this deep into a comment section. It was probably the best conversation I had in the last 4 years, so thanks.

You're too kind ^^ I'm just trying to be reasonable. [...] Anyway, again I am really glad you liked When Marnie Was There, it's one of those gems of a movie that kinda makes me feel like I'm in a special club of a select few people who have both seen and appreciated it. A cult film, in a way. Will leave it there, have nothing more to say either!