Why I no longer tell people that I'm a programmer

programmers get upset about the words master/slave in software now, but are happy to keep constructing a global surveillance economy and becoming middle caste

the way programmer ppl treat non-tech ppl

There is a debate as to whether should everyone learn how to program. Some say yea cause it will forge an upgraded high skill economy to keep nations competitive in the global markets, or whatever. Some say no (torvalds, etc) because people are meant to specialise. What I'd like to see is enough people programming that it's no longer an exceptional part of anyone's identity. Though I wonder if that's even possible, considering how the identity of being a gamer turned out. People still flout being a gamer despite it being unexceptional. I used to think that identifying as a gamer was some kind of long running in-joke, until I realised that some homo people unironically call themselves a GAYmer and that wasn't just some pejorative coined on /g/.

As such, the us vs everyone else mentality means tech people like to infantilise non-tech people. Pisses me off so much. I used to think mansplaining was a retarded concept, but ended up observing that people really do seem to get a neurotic pleasure out of explaining things in ways that make them feel smart.

Using sware words to explain programming concepts xDDDD

i work in agricultural consulting

That's not actually the sector I work in, not gonna say what it really is here, but it's close enough. What's your job?, oh, I work in agricultural consultancy. Just kinda techy stuff. See. 0% chance of follow up questions. Too long have I been stung by saying something as candid as I'm a software developer, huh? wuhhh? For most code people, it's not cause le dumb normies won't understand 😂😂😂... Best case scenario is normally some lovely boomer telling me ooooh no, I'm too old for that computer stuff :P, worst case is that I actually meet another programmer. Some j*vascript bugman.


Mr xah lee made a similar point on hackers.