How WALL-E made me gain sentience

my fav film?

WALL-E is not my favorite film. You see, favorite is too weak of a word, it implies I ~had~ to pick one. When people ask for my favorite film, I give Ponyo, because it is easy to explain and I don't feel harmed when people dimiss it or not take such an admission seriously. If I end up knowing you well enough, I reveal what truly is my heart.


It was the first piece of media - the first piece of anything - in my life where I fely actual, real, human emotion. I don't know how to put this, but up until 11yo, I don't think I was sentient.

Going through all my life feeling flat shades of mere childhood emtoins, all of a suffen one day in the summer of 2008, actually feeling complex emtoins and thoughts about something - it was like suddenly noy being blind anymore.

It was most definitely overnight puberty, but that's beside the point

I rewatched it a few months ago, and being able to feel the same things in the same shape and precise nuaces as I did was really powerful experience

So yeah, good film

It was like being nostalgic for myself

I got to meet myself from ages ago